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Most engineers and architects now use CAD software and then print the resulting drawings. However, Drafting Tables are still required for checks and reviews or possibility to update an as-built-drawing. You may click on "Inquire About This Item" shown below each item to or you may contact us by e-mail at sales@infology. or by phone at 1-877-553-9514. We shall send you a price quotation within 24-48 hours. 

For your reference, the drafting tables shown may require additional brackets or other accessories. We will provide with you with full information and pricing details upon your request

Porta-Trace Table 24x36" 
Item#: 07772436
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Porta-Trace Table 36x48" 
Item#: 07773648
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Hobby Pal Table 
Item#: 03700002
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PlanMaster Drafting Table 
Item#: 01395700
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Precision Drafting Table 
Item#: 013962GR
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Height-Adjustable Split Table 
Item#: 013965MO
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TechMate Drafting Table 30x42" 
Item#: 3713042
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TechMate Drafting Table 36x48" 
Item#: 3713648
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